Commissioning a piece of furniture usually starts with a visit to the client's home. However vague your ideas, I will be happy to discuss them with you to help to shape them in to a working brief. This initial meeting enables me to understand your requirements, influences and expectations. Once the brief is fully understood and factors such as budgets and timescales have been taken in to consideration, I will provide you with a preliminary design and/ or estimate. 

If you wish to proceed, I can further refine the designs and costs as required until you are completely satisfied. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this stage may incur a charge.

Once the final design has been signed off I can book you in to my workshop schedule. Typically, a 50% deposit enables work to commence with balance payments due on completion. On larger projects, such as kitchens, staged payments are necessary and are agreed in advance. 

Please note that for design professionals e.g. architects and interior designers, along with the general building trade, I do charge for all design work.